Sunday, 19 April 2009

Confession time

Oh blog. I'm sorry. My heart has been won by another... for now...

I just love Tumblr. Far too much. Is it the new twitter?

Friday, 27 March 2009

Giaconda smiling

A big hat tip to the former journalist and Twitter loather who advised me to trip along to the Giaconda Dining Room on Denmark St. It's in that weird little patch at the top of The Charing Cross Road that appears to have been a building site for 15 years.

This place is a serious find. Think Galvin before he made it. Or Andrew Edmonds. It has that understated feel - you are entering a room - food will be served - such wonders.

Instantly a carafe of water arrives. Sparkling. Free. It is replaced as soon as it is drained. Olives. Bread. The menu is lovingly described. The specials are many and special.

This place is top of the list so far this year. A terrific find.

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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Great gag

There are a couple of absolutely corking gags on this site which I love (hat tip to Simon Goldie). This one is great, but I'd also recommend "Drobkin" which has one of the best payoffs I've ever heard.

Dogs' bums

Dogs' bums, originally uploaded by Rougefern.

Readers of this blog will have been irked by the looming presence of Margaret Thatcher for the last few weeks. I've decided to knock her off the top spot by posting this photo of some dogs arses. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Margaret, Sue and Diana the geography mistress

I was ten when this aired on Nationwide in 1982 and, old duffer that I am, I remember it clearly. Just saw this show and thought it worth posting the clip. I think it shows the beginnings of a fearless dialogue with politicians. I love the look of almost uncomprehending rage in Mrs Thatcher about two minutes in, unused to being quizzed by such a well informed punter. No wonder Denis thought she was a put up job.

There is a certain something about Tories being interviewed pre 1997, and Mrs Thatcher captures it here. Never, never an admission of fallibility. I wonder if that has changed, or whether we could be heading back into that world.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Co-operating in Waltham Forest

Just in from Waltham Forest Co-op Party's annual general meeting where (blush, blush) I was re-elected vice-chair. We've got a really good team in place now and, with a relatively small number of members, are hoping to be able to build a presence in the borough.

The great thing about the Co-op Party is that we can work alongside some organisations which are making a real difference to people's lives, and try to get them better known. The Waltham Forest Credit Union is a great example - lending small amounts of money to people who can't get credit from the main banks, but also encouraging them to save too. A really good way to slowly build up a nest egg, while borrowing community money, the interest from which benefits the community. It's a great system. Maybe we should get Fred the Shred to join...

Sunday, 15 February 2009

growing up

growing up, originally uploaded by neffi1uk.

And one other before I hit the hay. This image was caught by my friend Justine. It's of the boy wonder's transitional object known as Patchy. He's chucked it to one side in favour of the Wii. Just a beautiful image really. And some great socks...